Kenzi is focused on “Infill Development” which allow us to develop high-quality energy-efficient housing in or near the City center. “Infill” is the process of constructing new dwellings within a densely populated urban area leveraging vacant land that has been overlooked in the normal course of urbanization or replacing existing structures that have reached the end of their useful life.  We create exceptional new homes located in the heart of the City’s economic, cultural and entertainment center.  

Kenzi Partners is a Private Equity Firm with Real Estate Investments in the Pacific Northwest.  Our Portfolio includes high-end, energy efficient new home construction. We invest knowledge and capital in Commercial and Residential properties that add to our region’s quality of life, sustainability, and economic future.

Kenzi’s record of success is driven by a strong opportunity pipeline, top-rated Development Partners and a data-driven forecasting process. We believe that great people, careful planning and quality product will result in continued success as we grow with our Market.  We have not reinvented the wheel, but we're good at what we do.

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Seattle is the fastest growing “big” city in the United States with almost 1,000 new residents arriving every week. Economists envision a “Mega Region” stretching from Portland to Vancouver as skilled professionals relocate to fill high-income jobs and enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

While the economy booms, housing stocks have fallen to historic lows and traffic congestion has increased exponentially. New housing starts are constrained by the area’s geography, the Growth Management Act, a scarcity of vacant land and long commute times that make “exburb” development undesirable.